Rough Draft – Fall 2011 Reskilling Workshop Schedule

Tentative Plan for Oct. – Nov. 2011 Spring Creek Homesteading Workshop Series

(Subject to change, currently working on scheduling, will post final schedule, details and registration info as soon as possible.)

Workshops will run 2 to 3 hours and cost $10 per person.

Cooking with Seasonal Local Vegetables. Instructor – Sunil Patel. Location – State College Area High School Family & Consumer Sciences Kitchen. Bio – Sunil has been farming for about six seasons, and manages Greenmoore Gardens, an organic vegetable farm outside of State College. He enjoys cooking, and is well versed in Indian cooking, and seasonal cooking, and also has a good deal of knowledge about alternative nutrition and health.

Household Composting – How to shift your daily or weekly habits to compost more easily and successfully. Instructor – Alexa Schriempf. Location – TBD.

Baking Bread. Instructor – Carolyne Meehan. Location – State College High School Family & Consumer Sciences Kitchen

Baking Pies. Instructor – Ruth Sauder. Location – State College High School Family & Consumer Sciences Kitchen

Knitting a Scarf. Learn how to wind yarn, cast on, master the knit stitch and cast off. Instructor – Anne Burgevin. Facility – Regular classroom, State College Area High School. Bio – Anne has knitted for many years and has taught many children and adults. She currently lives in Pine Grove Mills with her two teenage daughters and husband.

Sewing a Simple Pillowcase – Course introduces: using the sewing machine; understanding patterns and sewing terms; layout, cutting, and marking; pressing, pinning. Instructor – Mary Jo Lenzing. Location – State College Area High School Family & Consumer Science Sewing Room. Bio – Mary Jo’s mother was a professional dressmaker and she’s been sewing my own clothing since she was in elementary school. She has sewn everything from dresses and fully lined suits, to curtains and furniture cushions.

Introduction to Organic Beekeeping – Course will introduce: history of the honey bee; anatomy; bee hives demonstration,  hive location; getting your bees and installing a package, setting up a nuc and capturing a swarm; first year bee hive management; pest and diseases; honey extracting; beekeeper’s resources. Students interested in starting a hive next spring will then have the winter months to gather, buy and/or make equipment, and order bees in January or February. Workshop will be followed by another course in Spring 2012 for tour of an apiary and inspection of a bee hive. Instructor – Mary Jo Lenzing. Location – Regular classroom, State College Area High School. Bio – Mary Jo is an organic gardener and passionate beekeeper for the past three years, motivated by her concern about the decrease of pollinators and Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees in particular.  She joined the local bee club, took classes, studied many books, magazines and web forums, expanded to five hives this year and is also interested in biodynamic beekeeping.

Building a Cold-Frame. Instructor – Dylan Wadlington. Location – State College Area High School woodworking shop. Bio – Dylan has been an instructor for PSU OLLI and taken the NAHB Train-the- Trainer coursework. He is the owner of Wadlington Remodeling in Pine Grove Mills.

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