Food Day 2011 – October 24

From CSPI:

Center for Science in the Public Interest is launching Food Day – what we hope will become an annual event that is both a celebration of real, healthy food—and a powerful, grassroots movement for change. People interested in all different food angles—nutrition, environment, agriculture, hunger, and more—should be able to use Food Day to advance their programs.

We’ve modeled Food Day on Earth Day. It is led by honorary co-chairs Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Rep. Rosa Delauro (D-CT), and is backed by an impressive advisory board including author Michael Pollan, former Surgeon General David Satcher, professors Walter Willett, Kelly Brownell, and Marion Nestle, and prominent chefs such as Alice Waters, Dan Barber, and Nora Pouillon.  Food Day also has the support of a wide range of national and local organizations focused on hunger, sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, and public health.

But the most important ingredient in Food Day is you! We envision thousands of events on October 24, 2011, from coast to coast, ranging from small events in homes and classrooms, to large rallies in public parks, and hearings in city councils and state legislatures. A Food Day event could be as simple as a vegetable-recognition contest in a kindergarten, a potluck dinner with friends featuring locally sourced ingredients, a spirited debate on a college campus, or celebrating the harvest from an urban garden you start this spring.

Food Day is all about solving local communities’ food problems. Nationally, we’ve identified five key priorities:

  • Reducing diet-related disease by promoting healthy foods
  • Supporting sustainable farms and cutting subsidies to agribusiness
  • Expanding access to food and alleviating hunger
  • Reforming factory farms to protect animals and the environment
  • Curbing junk-food marketing to kids

A growing network of partner organizations, advisors, and Food Day organizing staff is standing by to help you put a Food Day event on the calendar. (In weeks we’ll have a web-based map that lets you schedule or RSVP to Food Day events with just a few clicks of a mouse!)

-Michael F. Jacobson, Executive Director, CSPI, and Founder, Food Day

P.S. You can keep up with Food Day and other exciting things by ‘liking’ Food Day on Facebook, or following us at our new Twitter handle.

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