Thinking Through the Workshop Series in More Depth

An interested instructor sent me a series of questions about the workshop program:

Is this a one time 3-hour class?

Yes. I anticipate coordinating up to five workshops on different topics for the initial October-November series, and each would be a stand-alone course of two to three hours.

As the project gains momentum, we’d build a January-February session. As the community develops around us and we find out more about needs and interests, courses and course projects could become more complex, inviting participants to enroll in a series of workshop sessions to create a more complex project. It depends what instructors want to teach and what participants want to learn in a hands-on setting.

I’m also curious about how you will be marketing the class.

Outreach to spread the word will depend on how much volunteer energy we have to work with. Information will be posted at the Spring Creek Homesteading blog and emailed to my email lists, encouraging recipients to forward the class schedules and registration information to their email, Facebook and Twitter networks.

Depending on how soon we confirm the schedule – at least instructors and dates – we may be able to get a notice on the Sustainable Centre County page in the Centre Daily Times in late September. Certainly the November workshops could be previewed on the late October page.

We have contacts at the Borough government offices who may be interested in promoting the events through Borough channels. Penn State sustainability networks may also distribute information to their contacts. Many Borough and Penn State folks are already on my food security email list-serve.

Beyond that, if volunteers are interested in producing fliers and distributing fliers for posting at area businesses and nonprofits, that’s another possibility.

Will it be open to PSU students or more toward community members?

Open to both PSU students and community members at large. Course content should be geared to beginners of all stripes. We’re especially interested in reaching out to international students, who may have more direct experience with community engagement in food & cooking as social activities.

Is there any chance of scheduling a week night class or is it weekends only?

Absolutely, we can schedule classes on weeknights. If that works better for you, please send me five to six available weekday evenings in October and November. (I previously requested weekends only for administrative simplicity, but weeknights are totally workable.)

And are we talking about using Home Economics/Family & Consumer Sciences classrooms in the High School?

Yes. We haven’t yet reached out formally to the State College Area School District facilities people to apply for space, but as soon as we have instructors and dates nailed down, that’s the next step.

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