Bicycle-Drawn Mobile Farmers Market

Since writing last month about a vision of a horse-drawn veggie cart making regular deliveries to State College cooks, I’ve been thinking more about the logistics that might go into building that business model.

For example, horse-drawn delivery wagons probably aren’t currently allowed under urban zoning, but bicycles certainly are.

That photo shows a moped, not a regular bicycle, but it seems possible to design and build a larger bike-drawn wagon that could be hitched to one or two bicycles and then stocked with vegetables, fruits, baked goods, etc.

Over the last few months, I’ve heard interest from several people in a developing a web-based produce sales model for State College area farmers and food-shoppers to link up.

Lehigh Valley Food Cooperative has been developing just such a system, allowing farmers to let customers know what’s in season and available, and consumers to pre-order the produce for delivery to multiple drop sites in the community:

At present this website hosts a virtual farmers’ market for the Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania), where our members can buy and sell locally-grown food.  As not all foods are available locally, we also offer a wide-range of bulk foods, and staple foods and household goods.   Shop on our website and have your order delivered to a drop-off site near you!

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