Erik Curren – An economy beyond jobs

Erik Curren writing at Transition Voice:

…Gaining true resilience in the new economy beyond jobs and economic growth will require us all to look for ways to make do with less money and to wean ourselves, slowly or quickly, from the market economy.

That will mean doing more things for ourselves at home — growing our own food but also darning our own socks — while also seeking more help from our neighbors.

Now, if Obama were to tell the American public on Thursday night to forget about economic recovery; to prepare to lose their jobs if they still had them and to forget about finding new ones; to stop counting on any help from public assistance; and to start living on half the money they used to make by learning to barter for bread and milk, then he’d be lucky if Joe Biden didn’t have the locks on the Oval Office changed by morning.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

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