William Rees on "The Human Nature of Unsustainability"

William Rees, on “The Human Nature of Unsustainability” in the Post-Carbon Reader:

…At this crucial juncture in human evolutionary history, long-term selective advantage may well have shifted from competitive to cooperative genetic predispositions. The question is whether the world community can muster the national and international political will to create the complementary memetic mutations necessary for collective survival in a resource-stressed world.

Improving the prospects for human civilization requires that we organize—globally and consciously— to override those behavioral propensities that have become maladaptive in the modern world. To reduce the human eco-footprint, the fetishistic emphasis in free-market capitalist societies on individualism, competition, greed, and accumulation must be replaced by a reinforced sense of community, generosity, and a sense of sufficiency…

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