News from Way Fruit Farm

From Way Fruit Farm in Port Matilda:

…There is so much new at the farm we want to share with you. The end-of-summer fruits have come in with a fury and are ready for you to enjoy. You never know when summer’s sweetness will end, so read on…

Sunhigh peaches are still available. They are so sweet & juicy this year! If you have not had a chance to try some of our peach crop this year, come on out soon to be sure you get some deliciousness! We also have white peaches available this year in larger than normal quantities at the farm. We hope you enjoy them as they’re extra sweet and large; perfect for snacking!

Stanley Prune Plums & Bartlett pears have been picked and are now available too! Both the plums & pears are good for fresh eating, baking & canning.

With the beginning of September came a little bit of Fall to the farm because we’ve picked the first of our Honeycrisp apple crop. True to their name, they are sweet and crunchy but they are also particularly big & juicy this year. Great for lunchboxes and snacktime for everyone in the family! We also have crabapples in abundance this year. If you have a good crabapple jelly or spiced apple recipe, come on out and get some this year because we don’t always have them in such abundance.

We will be open normal business hours on Saturday, 9/3/11 and Closed Sunday, 9/4/11 (as normal) and Closed Monday, 9/5/11, for Labor Day. We hope you all have a fun & relaxing weekend! See you soon!

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