New Leaf Initiative Community Gardening Meeting – Report from May 31, 2011

Meeting Notes by Rachel Mateti:


How do we develop a State College Community Gardening Network?

  • Land
  • Project Team Members
  • Borough considerations
  • Money and Materials

Potential Funding Sources

  • PSU Alumni
  • Friends
  • Grants
  • Kickstart website

What do gardens provide?

  • Food
  • Education
  • Friends
  • Connection with Nature
  • Meeting Places
  • Seeds
  • Income Opportunities
  • Community Building

Who could it impact?

  • Food Bank
  • Elderly
  • Low Income residents
  • Children/Elementary Schools
  • College students
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters program
  • Churches
  • Prisoners

What can happen there?

  • COB Oven Construction & Use
  • Potluck Suppers /Community Harvest Feasts
  • Community Kitchen
  • Educational Series
  • Tool Exchange and Seeds
  • Teaching sessions
  • Garden skill building

Potential Garden Sites

Potential Partners

  • Rockview Land Trust
  • Penn State Arboretum
  • USDA-People’s Garden- Ag Research Service
  • Friends Meetinghouse Garden Space
  • Ali Fuller – Youth Services Bureau Garden
  • Harvest Fields
  • Park Forest Elementary School
  • State College Area High School

Projects of Interest

Next steps:

  • Get Land
  • Partner with established entity for fundraising
  • Prep land for spring 2012 growing season
  • Outreach – lay groundwork for next year’s growing season.

Topics to discuss:

  • Business Model
  • Community Garden Structures: Group Plots with self-regulation within small groups? Individual plots?
  • Gleaners for surplus veggies
  • Work Share Potential: Produce per amount work



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