Food Security Meeting Update & Charlie Kain's Slide Show

Charlie Kain

Charlie Kain has been taking photographs of vacant lots all around State College that would be great places to set up community gardens for neighborhood food security. The pictures are posted in the slide show above. For information about the locations, scroll over the individual photos: the slide show should pause and a caption should pop up. Charlie also passed along this link, writing:

There’s a deal on this site – 100 seed packs for 100 dollars, all heirloom varieties. The owner of the site is an amazing gardener and has started his own mini-farm near Albany, New York. I think one or two orders of these would be a good investment for next season. Something to consider for the next meeting!

Thanks to Charlie, who’s also been gathering crucial information from Borough records about ownership, asking prices, etc.

On a related topic, the Doodle poll for the Fundraising/Building Team of the State College Food Security Project is now closed.

The date that works best for the next Fundraising/Building Team Meeting is Tuesday, July 19 at 7:00 p.m. Meeting will be at my house.  If others who didn’t fill out the poll would like to come, please let me know (email:

The Doodle poll for the Needs Assessment/Mapping Team is still open and will be open until July 19.


Clare Hinrichs

Clare Hinrichs passed along the following note:

I wanted to share a new resource that I’ve just learned about– a clearinghouse of information on community and regional food planning being put together by a wonderful librarian at Cornell University. Jeff has included lots of links to information on community food mapping and assessment.

This page also gets you to the Community Food Security Coalition’s website, where they have a great guidebook on doing community food system assessments.


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4 Responses to Food Security Meeting Update & Charlie Kain's Slide Show

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  2. Claudia Wilson says:

    My daughter lives in West Philly where there are many community gardens being developed on tiny, tiny lots of land. One such place is called “plotland” where the locals have usurped a vacant lot and created small plots for gardens. Philly neighborhoods are an example of “food deserts” where there are NO grocery stores and only a few corner stores that carry very limited fresh produce.
    So when you see the VAST amount of available vacant plots of land here it is a crying shame that they are not being used to their fullest. I guess it will take considerable re-education to get land owners to understand the value of a productive garden over a flat grass.
    Claudia Wilson

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