State College Food Security – Next Steps

Thank you to everyone who came out to the June 24 State College Food Security meeting. After reflecting on the discussion for the past few days, I think we should move ahead in a dual-track plan.

People most interested in fundraising (choosing a funding/organizational structure) and infrastructure-building (gardens, orchards, tool libraries, etc.) would comprise one working group: the Fundraising/Building team.

People most interested in needs assessment studies, mapping and other information-gathering would comprise the second working group: the Needs Assessment/Mapping team.

I’ve set up two new Doodle polls to schedule mid-July meetings for both groups, below. (Note: The Doodle site may be down this afternoon for maintenance.)

My working model for the big picture is summarized well in the two-page Economic Resilience document from Transition Los Angeles, along with the Belo Horizonte, Brazil “right to food” model.

For the needs assessment group, there’s an evolving directory of like-minded local organizations at the Transition Centre County “Web” page. Updates and additions always welcome.

If you’re interested in coordinating the Needs Assessment/Mapping team, please let me know.

Thanks again!

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