State College Food Security Summit – June 24

8 p.m. on Friday, June 24 was the time and date that worked for all eight people who filled out the Doodle poll. Because it’s a small group, I can host the meeting at my house.  If you want to participate but didn’t fill out the poll, please email me ( so I can keep a count of how many people are expected.  I’ve been working on a Post-It note outline, as follows:

Mission: “To plant and cultivate a community sustainability/food security center in downtown State College.”

Establish a pool of involved people and a regular communication schedule

Identify skill-sets the group has and skill-sets the group needs to acquire

Pick a name for the project.

Set up a governing board and structure

Get 501(c)3 status to enable fundraising

Map out features steering committee wants to see included in the project, and on what timeline.

  • Community garden plots
  • Permaculture & bio-intensive demonstration gardens
  • Small orchard (nut and fruit trees)
  • Berry patch
  • Small-medium size classroom/performance space
  • Food Bank
  • Small general store (bulk foods, staples, local produce, gardening supplies)
  • Small commercial grade kitchen
  • Woodworking/carpentry shop
  • Tool library
  • Solar panels
  • Graywater system
  • Cistern
  • Bicycle racks
  • Park benches
  • Other

Draft a capital budget and a working budget for the first 3-5 years.

Choose a financial support model (design new model perhaps?)

Identify available land/buildings/location(s)

Identify partner organizations

Raise money to rent or buy land; build structures; establish & equip gardens, tool libraries, kitchens, etc.

Hire architect for design

Plan construction (part volunteer labor?)

Complete construction.

Offer garden plots to downtown residents.

Stock & staff general store and tool library

Establish regular schedule of gardening workshops on composting, rain barrels, cold frames, graywater, drip irrigation, etc.

Establish regular schedule of cooking & canning classes

Establish regular schedule of carpentry workshops

Agenda for the Friday, June 24 meeting (8:00 p.m.) will be fleshing out that outline, adding additional ideas, detailing the smaller steps involved in each broad step, and setting up action timelines and shepherds for each step.

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