Lemont Second Graders Planting 18 Trees in Guatemala

From Penny Eifrig of Eifrig Publishing:

Turning Sweet Halloween Treats into Healthy Forests, Lemont Elementary School 2nd graders trade in treats for cash that they donated to Eco-Libris to plant trees in Guatamala
Rather than gorge on sweets last Halloween, the kids in Dotti Zembower’s 2nd Grade Class in Lemont Elementary School traded them in for cash. Through cooperation with local publisher Penny Eifrig of Eifrig Publishing (also in Lemont), the money they collected was donated to the non-profit organization, Eco-Libris, which plants trees in areas that have been deforested throughout the century.
Their donations will enable 18 trees to be planted by the Alliance for International Reforestation in Guatamala this summer.
Eco-Libris partners with publishing companies like Eifrig Publishing, by offering customers a chance to donate one dollar for any book they purchase. That dollar suffices to plant one tree with one of their many partner reforesting organizations. You can either “buy” your tree at Eifrig Publishing  when you buy a book (and get a sticker acknowledging your donation on the book), or you can simply plant trees by donating directly at Eco-Libris.
“As a small publishing company that focusses on ecology and self-esteem for kids,” Penny says, “I am so happy to be able to help these kids see how they can make an impact on our environment through little steps, while also empowering them to make a difference as young members in our communities.”
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One Response to Lemont Second Graders Planting 18 Trees in Guatemala

  1. Penny Eifrig says:

    Thanks for sharing with this network! Very proud of the kids…

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