Fun & Learning at Greenmoore Gardens

Greenmoore Gardens is offering a great series of on-farm events, starting in May.

Unless otherwise noted, all events are scheduled for 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and held rain or shine.

May 21 – Greenmoore 101: Get to Know Your Farm, with Greenmoore Gardens farmer Sunil Patel. Come see our farm – enjoy a tour and see what is growing, how we do things to organically and sustainably farm the land, and learn more about the veggies and fruits that end up on your plate! There will be an opportunity to get in the dirt and plant a few things for those that are interested!

June 18 – Composting Basics, with Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania. Join us as we discuss and learn about basic composting – why it’s important, different methods to use, and common practices and tips.

July 16 – Organic & Sustainable Living – Why does it Matter?, with Pennsylvania Certified Organic. Come learn about organic and sustainable living practices and their importance! We will share some basic steps for those of you are new to this school of thought and encouragement for those that are already part of it.

July 20 – Fireflies in Our Sky – 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. – rain date July 27. Bring a jar and a flashlight & join us to catch fireflies in our skies! If they haven’t hit us already…we will enjoy s’mores, a Bonfire, and just being together with the Greenmoore Garden Family!

August 6 – Visit Greenmoore Gardens as part of the 2011 Central Pennsylvania Farm Tour

August 13 – Potato Dig & Tomato Taste/Harvest. Ever wonder how potatoes grow? Bring your shovel, boots, and come see! And, we will be picking and tasting the amazing varieties of tomatoes and herbs at Greenmoore Gardens, to prepare pizza sauce for our Dog Days of Summer Pizza Party/Movie Night!

August 24 – Dog Days of Summer Pizza & A Movie For Kids – 6:30-9:00 – rain date August 26. Join us to make your own pizza, with our very own sauce, in a brick pizza oven provided by Nola’s Joint. Enjoy a bonfire or watch a movie in the corn crib!

September 17 – Preserving the Harvest. Want to preserve a little bit of summer? Join us for basic canning, freezing, and other preserving techniques.

October 15 – Fall Fest & Pumpkin Pick – Join us in celebration of our harvest, giving thanks for a great season of produce, enjoy the farm and visit the pumpkin patch!

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