Eco-Anxiety – Article from Denver Post

Colleen O’Connor of Denver Post reports:

“…That’s what eco-psychologists call that underlying feeling of fear and anger about the state of the Earth,” said Margaret Emerson…. “If you pick just one thing, it would be overwhelming, but with all this stuff coming at you, it’s psychologically numbing.”…

Carolyn Baker is very involved in the Transition Boulder group.

“One thing we emphasize is not saving the world, but being resilient and able to respond,” she said. “We can be resilient in our families and our communities.”

That includes everything from school kids making art from unrecyclable plastics to adults learning to be a bit easier on themselves.

“Maybe this week you’ll ride your bike to the grocery store and be very motivated,” said Emerson. “But other days, the way our society and infrastructure is set up, it’s just too difficult.

“When you’re stressed by lots of work, you might just want to forget it, focus on positive things, go see a comedy, read a trashy novel,” she said. “That’s completely healthy and normal.”

It’s also critical to the longevity of the environmental movement, she said…

Read more: For those with eco-anxiety, it’s not easy being green

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