Drawing Contest – "EcoVillage State College" Schematic

  • Drawings should be conceptual/simplified/symbolic representational diagrams, not detailed scale maps.
  • Deadline for submissions is May 15, 2011.
  • First prize is a $50 gift certificate to Otto’s.
  • Please send electronic files to blog editor (katherine_watt@hotmail.com)
Submission Guidelines – Pen and ink schematic sketches of “EcoVillage State College” including:

  • government and school buildings
  • residential buildings
  • commercial enterprises
  • small-scale renewable energy sources (passive and photovoltaic solar, windmills,  geothermal, bio-mass, etc.)
  • some sense of how multiple neighborhood-scale energy sources might fit together into a town-wide grid to compensate for intermittent supplies from different sources
  • blank box for data to be added later, showing how much carbon & nuclear-based energy is currently consumed in State College
  • blank box for data to be added later, showing how much demand could be reduced through efficiency retrofits, living roofs, comprehensive water conservation programs, and other green infrastructure strategies
  • trees, parks, bicycle paths
  • public greenhouses & composting facilities
  • urban farms, orchards & gardens
  • farmers’ markets
  • other creative, visual imagination-grabbers related to retrofitting carbon-dependent State College into a cluster of interdependent post-carbon eco-neighborhoods.
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