Grants Available for Neighborhood Garden Projects in State College

Grants of up to $250 per neighborhood group (up to $2,000 total) are now available for eligible neighborhood cooperative gardening clubs in State College.

No gardening experience necessary. Co-ops of children 12 and older strongly encouraged to apply, with parental support.

Application deadline is April 30, 2011.

Funds may be used to purchase:

  • seeds & seedlings & potting soil
  • wood, screws, glue, chicken wire and other tools and supplies to build raised beds, composters, chicken coops and other small backyard homesteading structures.
  • gardening tools and supplies such as trays, pots, shovels, rakes, pitchforks, hand tools, hoses, watering cans, rain barrels, trellising, string – to stock and maintain a co-op tool library
  • compost to fill raised beds, through Borough of State College compost delivery program
  • soil amendments such as mulch, sand, organic fertilizers
  • backyard chicken permits through the Borough of State College
  • pullets and chickens


  • Co-op households must be in the Borough of State College.
  • Each co-op should include no less than four and no more than seven households.
  • All households in a co-op should be within a two block radius of the center household.
  • At least one member of each coop must be over age 18, and children forming a co-op should each get written parental support before applying (a note from Mom or Dad).
  • The co-op members should hold at least two planning meetings before receiving funds, resulting in a short written budget and gardening plan.

To apply, please send a short typewritten proposal to Neighborhood Garden Fund, 156 West Hamilton Ave., State College PA 16801. Include the following information:

  • Names and addresses of the members of the gardening club, including at least one co-op coordinator/primary contact person over age 18;
  • Proposed gardening project, including a tentative purchasing, building and planting schedule, and a storage and lending plan for any supplies and tools bought by the club;
  • Proposed budget for the gardening project;
  • Learning and production goals for the project (knowledge and skills, crops, etc.)
  • Amount requested (up to $250 per co-op).
  • Attach a hand-drawn map of the two-block vicinity of the gardening club, indicating which households will be participating.

Please pass this message along to friends and family in State College, and happy gardening!

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