Senate Votes on EPA Today – Call In

Ed Perry

Ed Perry of National Wildlife Federation PA Campaign writes:

The Senate will vote this morning to decide whether they will allow EPA to continue developing regulations to reduce carbon and mercury pollution.

Some Senators are trying to permanently delay EPA while others are trying to compromise and have “only” a two year delay. But once they get the delay, it will be delay, delay, delay. Scientists say we can no longer delay action to reduce carbon emissions. We have to act NOW.

NWF sent the attached letter (NWF Letter) to the full Senate yesterday opposing both the bad Clean Air Act amendments and a bad water amendment that may still come up.

It is urgent that we call Senator Casey’s office at 202-224-6324 first thing this morning and give them your name and hometown, tell them that you want the senator to stand up for clean air and your families’ health by voting against Senator Rockefeller’s and any other dirty air legislation.

-Ed Perry, National Wildlife Federation Climate Change Campaign

Phone – 814-880-9593; Email –


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