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Our latest graphical analysis program reports values for the estimated water usage for well fracturing – per state and per county. Our estimates show that the amount of water that will be used to fracture the permitted Marcellus horizontal wells in the state of Pennsylvania is 25.2 billion gallons. These state and county values are  based on the current number of permitted horizontal wells (as of March 21st), and will increase as new permits are approved by the DEP.

Our estimates show that Bradford county will use more water for hydraulic fracturing then any other county in Pennsylvania. Estimated water usage values for all Pennsylvania counties can be viewed by Full Members at our Graphs and Statistics page. Click on the “Anticipated Water Usage” link at the top of the page to view the water-related statistics and graph. Guest members can view up to five reports for free; after that, a full membership costs $20.

Included with these statistics is the mean water flow per day of the Susquehanna River at Towanda, Bradford county. You may find this value interesting when compared to the estimated water usage values for horizontal wells in Bradford county.

The majority of our statistical data is updated on a weekly basis, and our near term plans are to include water usage graphs and statistics at the county/township level. Also keep in mind that detailed well reports are available for individual well sites, and by using the powerful filtering tools at the site, you can quickly find individual well and well site information based on county, township, gas company, date, and/or well site name. Our detailed well reports include production and violation information for wells with state-issued data in those areas. There are over 4,000 graphs available at the site covering permits, violations, production, and gas companies – at the state, county, and township levels.

Send any questions or comments to: Update@MarcellusGas.Org


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