Debbie Murphy on Act 106

PASA webinar on PA Act 106 now available here.

Debbie Murphy writes:

Please contact your Representatives, Senators and Governor requesting that farms and food processors making less than $250,000 profit per year be exempt from this law, which was intended for mainly restaurants. I have spoken to the head of the PA chapter of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (which supported this bill). He expressed dismay at the onerous burdens that would be inflicted upon “small” producers, and claimed this was NOT the intention of his group, which supports small businesses.

This bill will make it impossible for non-wealthy start-up operations to ever begin, and many farmers’ market vendors will be out of business. Statistics indicate that in America, food travels an average of 5,000 miles to get to your plate, and how many hands touch that food before you get it? Is it any wonder that almost all food poisonings result from long-distance factory farm products , NOT your local farmer’s market?

Please research this bill yourself. If you agree that this will damage local agriculture, is a waste of tax resources and enables the real culprits to continue selling us unhealthy food (only with even LESS competition and consumer choice) please let your voice be heard.

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