350 Home + Garden Challenge – May 14 & 15

News from Transition US:

It is time for action and we need YOU. You know the escalating scale of the challenges we face. This makes the heart, creativity and empowered action you bring to our communities all the more inspiring. But these times ask for more from us. They ask for us to rise and shine like spring’s verdant emergence, an unstoppable force of nature. This is what the rapid growth of the Transition movement and related alliances has been, with inspired seedlings sprouting everywhere. Now it’s time to align, take action and truly unleash the genius of this community.

On a single weekend, May 14th & 15th, thousands of landscapes and homes will be transformed, retrofitted and revitalized as part of the 350 Home & Garden Challenge. Thousands of us will take to the streets, the garden, schoolyard, home, apartment and city hall to take actions big and small. We will grow food, conserve water, save energy and build community. Amidst a dizzying array of crises and mounting despair, together we will bring the hope of transition and show what we are capable of with our heads, hearts and hands aligned in action. And we need EVERY one of you, your family, friends, neighbors and even strangers on the street. It’s time for action, rooted in a shared vision and voice.

Will it work? Who knows? But we have the cheerful disclaimer reminding us that if we act as a community, it might be just enough, just in time. AND we have a model. Inspired by partners such as 350.org, last May in Sonoma County*, with a mildly terrifying goal of planting and revitalizing 350 gardens in a weekend, through partnership with Transition Sebastopol, Transition Cotati and over 40 diverse school, church, business, non-profit and civic partners, we planted and revitalized 628 gardens in a single weekend. Imagine what we are capable of as a movement with our countless local, regional and national partners?

Get involved! Whether you register your own project, volunteer on a community project, or signup to be an organizer you are needed. There are a variety of ways to engage on this weekend, something for everyone. Imagine retrofitting our homes, apartments, offices, and neighborhoods with gardens, grey-water and energy efficiency! And for those of you who have been contemplating starting a Transition initiative in your neighborhood, now is your chance! From small to large, each action counts. For groups looking to engage their entire community, we are making it easy for you to plan and execute larger projects with our toolkit.* If you sign up as a community organizer you will receive information about several special conference calls we will be hosting so stay tuned.

Why 350? It’s possibly the most important number in the world. Top climate scientists say this is the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to keep a stable climate. Together our actions and alliances add up and create real solutions to the climate crisis. We are proud to include 350.org as one of our key partners.

Stand up and be counted! Big challenges require an inspired vision and bold action. We need you to spread the word, engage your friends, neighbors and coworkers and REGISTER YOUR ACTION!!!

* The roots of the challenge: In 2010 a handfull of community leaders in Sonoma County, CA (including our board president and local initiatives) demonstrated their collective genius. Inspired by the Gardens of Gratitude 100 Garden Challenge and 350.org, this amazing group catalized an entire county and set a goal of planting 350 water wise gardens in a single weekend. They garnered the support and cooperation of cities, local businesses, and governmental agencies as well as arranged for workshops, volunteer-led community projects, material donations, and numberous discounts. In the end they far exceeded their goal with 628 registered projects! Thank you Sonoma County for your inspiration and help in taking this challenge national in 2011.

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