Gemelli's Refrigerator Campaign through Cogster

News from Cogster:


Keeping your cool in the bakery business isn’t always easy! Gemelli needs a new refrigerated pastry display case to keep some of those tasty morsels of wholesome goodness at just the right point of crispness to bring out their best biscuity sweet flavor. Our project is designed to reward you people who think to yourselves, “Why don’t I just swing by a real bakery today — just to see what they’ve got…” We promise that you’ll pick up something made with real flavor AND with real passion. Like our dark chocolate truffles, or our hazelnut vanilla brittle, or maybe from our selection of natural breads with delicious nuts, seeds and fruits baked right in ’em. Just swing by once or twice — you may develop a habit. We are proud to be part of the community here in Happy Valley. We’re also proud of our raisin bread!

Support our project and help us keep the tradition of local bakeries alive in Central PA. With this deal you’ll get $5 in Cogster Cash every week over the next four weeks. Just print out and bring in!


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