Introduction to Deep Transition in Blairstown NJ

Forwarded by Betsy Green and Jackie Bonomo:

This is a time of transition into the Ecozoic Era, where we are reinventing the human as a species deeply in touch with the community of all life systems. – Thomas Berry

Signs are increasingly apparent: Peak oil, climate unpredictability, and ecological and economic instability. How are we to live into such a moment with intention and hope? How can we act on our commitment to life and the common good?

The Transition movement has emerged over the last five years with both practical and principled responses to these questions. A network of imaginative and locally focused Initiatives, the Transition movement supports local leadership efforts to engage people to take the far-reaching actions that are required to mitigate the effects of peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis and to build community resilience.

These relocalization efforts are designed to result in a life with greater social connections, vibrancy, equity and fulfillment. This community-wide process for creating ‘energy descent pathways’ has spread around the world. Almost 300 officially designated Transition Initiatives now exist in 15 countries; there are more than 60 in the U.S. Hundreds of others are exploring how to begin working with the Transition model.

Join us at Genesis Farm for an Introduction to Deep Transition to help us prepare for decreasing oil dependency and building local resilience.

  • When: April 28-May 1, 2011 (Thursday to Sunday)
  • Where: Genesis Farm in Blairstown NJ
  • Cost: $285. Meals: $62.50 (3 lunches, 2 dinners). Limited lodging available; $55/night, includes breakfast

We’re in for enormous disruption, no matter what. The question is how we deal with it and ameliorate its worst effects. – David Korten

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