Electricity Deregulation Panel Discussion

Transition Town State College News:

You are invited to a Transition Town meeting –  “Electricity Deregulation = Rising Prices! How can we adapt as a community?”

7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 22th 2011, at Schlow Library.

What is in store for Pennsylvania’s energy deregulation? Why has it happened? How has it affected homeowners and our biggest institutions? How can you cope with a changed energy market and maximize yours or your community’s interests?

Over the last two years, the Pennsylvania electricity market has gone from regulation to deregulation. Proponents say increased competition affords people with better and cheaper options. Opponents say removing price caps and other regulations pave the way for excessive corporate profits. On one hand, you might buy “green energy.” On the other, prices have risen unevenly around the state. For many, the Enron and California deregulation debacles are fresh in mind.

Join the Centre Region Transition Town for a panel presentation and discussion to learn more about energy deregulation.

Transition Town will bring together a panel for presentations and to answer questions. Presenters include Erik Foley-DeFiore of Penn State’s Office of Sustainability and Shaun Pardi of Envinity, a local “green” business.

Get tips on how to save electricity and money, and meet other folks interested in Transition, the end of the cheap oil era, and building a sustainable community here in State College and the surrounding area.

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