Creation Care Coalition News

Community and Small Wind Energy Conference

Feb. 8-9 Organized by Windustry. At the Penn Stater Conference Center. Click the link for more info.

Free Do-it-Yourself Weatherization Workshop

Wed., Feb. 9 – 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Sun Area Technical Institute in New Berlin, PA. More info and flier is on the Creation Care Coalition web site.

National Preach-In on Global Warming,

Feb. 11-13, 2011 – The national Interfaith Power and Light (IPL) is sponsoring a nation-wide preach in to raise awareness on climate change, the weekend of Feb. 11. PA-IPL and the Creation Care Coalition of Centre County encourage local places of worship to use this opportunity to help their members understand how addressing climate change is a matter of faith. To receive more information and resources register at the IPL website.

Tend and Sustain it Forever

Sunday, February 27, 3:30 – 5:00pm “What Should ‘Kosher’ Mean?: The Agriprocessors Story” at the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, Penn State. Click the link for more info.

What are you or your place of worship doing to care for creation?

The Creation Care Coalition of Centre County would like to know. We’ll feature it on our web page where others can take a look and be inspired. Through our website, e-newsletter and activities, we seek to be a clearing house for ideas, resources and activities that help people of faith combat climate change and steward creation.

E-mail your ideas to Barb Ballenger at

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