Tend & Sustain It Forever Programs

Spring Schedule of Tend and Sustain it Forever programs offered by the PSU Department of Jewish Studies:

“Jewish Farmers For Justice: Using Ancient Traditions to Address Contemporary Challenges” by Jakir Manela, Director, Kayam Farm at the Pearlstone Center

Sunday, January 23rd, 3:30pm – 5:00pm Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, Penn State

This workshop will explore how Biblical and Talmudic laws and traditions shaped agricultural practices in the past and how they can inform it today. Issues of social justice, such as providing sustenance for those with limited access to food, will be emphasized through study and discussion of the ancient texts.

“What Should ‘Kosher’ Mean?: The Agriprocessors Story” by Nathaniel Popper, New York Business Correspondent of the Los Angeles Times

Sunday, February 27, 3:30 – 5:00pm Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, Penn State

As a young reporter for the largest Jewish newspaper in the United States, the Forward, Nathaniel Popper broke the story of Agripocessors in Postville, Iowa, at that time the largest producer of kosher meat in the world. Through months of careful coverage, Popper detailed mistreatment of the plant’s workers and illegal practices in the slaughter of animals. His reports stunned the American Jewish community–kosher slaughter is supposed to be practiced so as to cause minimal pain and suffering–and prompted an ongoing reevaluation of what ‘Kosher’ should mean in food production.

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