Community & Small Wind Energy Conference

Sent in by Jenn Landry:

Community and Small Wind Energy Conference for the Mid Atlantic Region

February 8-9, 2011, State College, Pennsylvania

The Community Wind across America regional conferences provide the full range of what’s needed for rural landowners, local investors, and community leaders to unlock the economic growth potential of locally-owned wind energy.

The conferences are presented by Windustry and co-sponsored by Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) with support from U.S. Department of Energy funding, national partnering Nordic WindPower.

Scholarships Available: ARC is sponsoring 17 Scholarships for this networking and educational event focused on Community Wind and Small Wind development Find out more.

“The key goal in Community and Small Wind is to keep the economic benefits as local as possible while, as a nation, we transition our energy sources.” -Lisa Daniels, Windustry Executive Director

The program offers two tracks that cover Community Wind and Small Wind. Sessions address organizing local landowners, securing wind project financing, gaining governmental approval for supportive policy, and educating communities about the benefits of wind energy.

Who should attend Windustry’s Community and Small Wind Energy Conference? Anyone interested in wind energy: Attendees include rural landowners, community leaders, elected officials, clean energy advocates, state and federal agencies, zoning and permitting officials, wind developers, educators and academics and economic development professionals, and a number of national leaders.

For more information: Catherine O’ Neill at 612-870-3477 or

Presented by Windustry, a nonprofit working to increase wind energy opportunities for local landowners and communities, with support from the United States Department of Energy.

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