Notes from June Transition Meeting

At the June 23, 2010 Transition Town State College meeting, people watched an Introduction to Permaculture video and then jotted down some ideas on Post-It notes. These are the ideas they wrote.

“One thing I can do”

  • Build a compost bin
  • Build a raised bed garden
  • Plant fruits
  • Turn more of my grass into productive garden
  • Look into water as part of the garden system
  • Begin converting privet hedge to berries
  • A more systematic plan for my garden
  • Get my worm compost going again
  • Keep a journal observing natural patterns on my property

“One thing State College can do”

  • Develop more community gardens
  • Educate citizens about the kinds of trees in the borough
  • Permaculture demonstration site
  • Work nut trees into the planning cycle for streetside trees
  • Community forest
  • Try to get buildings off farmable land
  • Organic garden tours
  • More small community gardens
  • Hold workshops/a venue for sharing knowledge, ideas, skills
  • Pass laws regulations allowing for gardens, animal & permaculture in town

“One thing Government can do”

  • Funding for education programs that promote local gardening
  • Outlaw Monsanto
  • Provide workshops, tours arboretum
  • Honestly tell the public that the currrent supply chain is a problem and how to begin relocalizing
  • Sustainable support – less on electric cars and none on oil
  • Stop spending money on the military & use it for sustainability
  • Public service workshops/credit to small scale farms & folks who garden & grow own food for sustainability
  • Create the rules to [support] local self-sufficiency

“One other thought”

  • Start where you are, with what you have & grow from there
  • Teach permaculture starting in elementary school
  • We need local models (tour your home, etc.)
  • Workshop at the library, more promient place
  • Finish & publish my book on sustainability
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