Charlie Kain on Cob Houses

Charlie Kain and a bunch of his friends have been bicycle riding around America since early summer, checking out how other communities are preparing for the transition to post-carbon living. Their blog is at cultural REcyclists.

Charlie will be back in State College next spring, and writes:

We’re almost to San Francisco! And while its still fresh on my mind, I was hoping you could circulate a message for me back home. So far it seems at least Will and I are planning to ride our bicycles back home during the winter. I imagine around March or April we’ll be back in the Pennsylvania area. We’ve been talking a lot recently about taking our lessons and applying them back home and getting Transition State College involved.

Specifically, we are really interested in gaining some experience with cob building. We visited a guy named Ianto Evans in Oregon who lives in a small village of about 15-20 cob houses, and they are without a doubt some of the most beautiful buildings I have ever experienced. Between seeing those and reading his book extensively, I feel confident enough to build my own, and I figured that would be an awesome community project. Maybe a small cob community center that people could gather in and have potlucks and host events.

So I was wondering if you would put the word out that I’m looking to do this, and see who might want to be involved and/or contribute a space to do so. The only place I can think of off the top of my head is Ahimsa, but perhaps you may know others. Get back to me and let me know!

Peace and Love,


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