Summer 2010 Garden Starters Update

Sent in by Bill Sharp:

Full Garden Starters Newsletter with beautiful color photos.


Our first year in the demonstration garden at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center has come to a close.

Through a series of workshops, we built and planted four raised beds and harvested tomatoes, including delicious yellow pear cherry tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, herbs, kale, broccoli and a nice head of cauliflower.

Two of the beds have been cleared and planted with cover crops and now sprouting a green blanket — a “winter quilt.“

We had a number of other workshops and events including a rain barrel workshop, canning workshop, native plants and pollinators, a class for OLLI, and a harvest festival dinner, and concluded the season with a four-square Pennsylvania Dutch garden theme during the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Historical Harvest Festival event.

In our next issue we will include a poster layout of that event. It turns out that the way we decided to set up the demonstration garden fits into the four-square plan nicely. We are thinking of ways to develop that theme, with traditional foods and gardening practices, next year.

We had the bounty of helping hands from many friends and volunteers and interacting with lots of people who attended the events. Our mailing list has grown considerably. We are already thinking about plans for next year, starting in April, and we will stay in touch during the winter months.

Garden Starters is a project of ClearWater Conservancy. You can find more information about us and announcements for events on our Garden Starters Facebook page and at our Clearwater page.

For more information please contact ClearWater Conservancy at 814.237.0400

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