Downtown Year-Round Local Foods Market

One of my favorite pasttimes is wandering around, pretending to have millions of dollars to invest in prime real estate and imagining what parcels to buy and what to build on them.

The Fraser Street parcel – currently slated for a controversial development plan despite the vacancies dotted around downtown – is one that I stare at a lot.

Sometimes I think about dozens of raised bed community garden plots for downtown residents, with a lovely toolshed and some benches and shade trees.

Sometimes I think about a combination grange-type meeting space/dance hall plus year-round indoor local foods market, with cheap-t0-lease stalls selling milk from Meyers Dairy, coffee and cheese from W.C. Clark’s, meats and vegetables from Centre County farms, along with fresh-baked breads from Gemelli’s, cupcakes from Sugar-on-Top, beer from Otto’s, and so forth.

I think it would be nice to have a single downtown local foods market, walking and biking distance for the thousands of State College residents who manage to commute without fossil fuels, but generally have to get in their cars or ride the bus to get to a supermarket for one-stop food shopping.

Blog update: When I launched the blog with the big email blast, I wrote that the blog wasn’t for opinion pieces – only factual material, brainstorming, etc. I’m not getting a whole lot of material sent in, so  I’m opening it up for opinion pieces too. Anything readers want to share with other readers – within the bounds of civility – is welcome.

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