Webster's Update

Update from Elaine Meder-Wilgus:

Webster’s is moving forward!  We’ve begun serving our fair-trade, organic coffee at an eclectic cupcake boutique called Sugar On Top just behind Rita’s on Beaver Avenue (formerly the African Market and the Red Cross.)

And, we’re still selling books and vinyl at our temporary space at 121 S. Fraser.  All this is happening as we direct our efforts toward a brand new downtown location we will open in the very near future.

Meantime, I wanted to invite you to join our momentum.  The names of all those wonderful supporters who have joined my Cogster Loyalty Campaign to raise $40,000 will be showcased in our future location.  Will you please join this list?

We’re more than 53% of the way to our goal! To join, or to learn more, please CLICK HERE.

If you spend just $10 (or as much as $40), you receive immediate weekly payback thru Cogster Cash redeemable for Webster’s goods and services totaling double what you pay to join.

It’s fun.  It’s social.  It’s downtown development.

Join the hundreds of local residents who’ve already supported our future.

(Note:  any payment via Cogster is not a donation.  It is a motion of financial support in which every penny goes directly to Webster’s to boost its future growth.  Your payback cash appears in your Cogster account – just print it and go to Webster’s!  If you’re thinking about joining, or asking your friends to join, but want to ask some questions first, please contact Steve Bisbee, Cogster Founder, at steve@cogster.com, 814-280-7894)

Webster’s Bookstore Cafe, 121 S. Fraser Street, 814-234-9712

Webster’s Cafe on Aaron, 434 W. Aaron Drive, 814-272-0433

And, now at Sugar On Top! (just behind Rita’s on Beaver Ave.)

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