Nominations Open for Friends & Farmers Co-op Board


(From Sarah Potter, Friends & Farmers Co-op Interim Board President)

Your Voice, Your Vote​ — 2014 Board Election​s​

One of the most exciting parts of the cooperative model is that every owner-member is a vital part of the organization. Investing, volunteering, and voting are all essential to the operations of the co-op. Now that we have surpassed the 250 member-household goal, we can start the election process for our first formal board!

Since Friends & Farmers formed in 2012 and incorporated in March 2013, a group of dedicated volunteers has served as our interim board. They have worked hard to bring the cooperative to this point, meeting twice a month, in addition to many hours at home, visiting and studying other cooperatives, organizing events, researching a myriad of cooperative topics, and reporting on our progress. All this has been done to establish a strong foundation for the store and to carry out our fiduciary duty to the community.

The same level of commitment and diligence will be critical as we elect this new Board of Directors. Several of the interim members will be running for the board. However, this is an open election and we are excited to have the co-op community take an active role in the process. The Board will be composed of nine to eleven directors who will serve three-year terms. Terms will be staggered so that three to four board members are elected each year. Friends & Farmers has benefited from a wide variety of talents and personalities in the last two years. Maybe you will be one of the next people to represent and guide this exciting initiative!

The election process takes place over several months (see important dates below). This allows plenty of time for owner-members to learn about the candidates. If you are interested in becoming a candidate or want to learn more about the process, please contact Sarah Potter on the Board Development Committee. Candidates must complete a nomination form (available here), attach a photograph (.jpg or .gif), and submit them via email to Sarah Potter or mail to Friends & Farmers at P.O. Box 491, State College, PA 16804.

Important Dates for the 2014 Friends & Farmers Election:

  • Mid-July through Mid-August — Interested candidates submit nomination forms.
  • August — Notice of candidates and publication of ballot. One vote per member household.
  • September — 2014 Annual Member Meeting (Date TBA soon!) Election results will be announced at the meeting. Training session for new Board in late September.
  • October — New Board gets to work!

If you are interested in becoming a Friends & Farmers board member, see the attached PDF of the Board Nomination Form or complete the online form.


EXTRA! EXTRA! July 9th Steady State College just off the press!


Get your copy of the most recent Steady State College published July 9th and find out about:


1.  Volunteer and educational opportunities related to homesteading and local sustainability in the Centre Region.

2.  CITY-GREEN’s efforts to make State College a more environmentally-sustainable place (yes there are things that could be better)

3.  On-going efforts by local energy activists to find out more about Penn State’s energy use and plans for the future


Single copies are available for $2 (either electronically or in broadsheet form) and a one-year subscription can be had for $40 per year.  For more information and to subscribe contact Katherine Watt, Editor & Publisher.

Don’t be shy. Volunteer to help at PCO Farmfest on Aug. 1 – 2.


From the Organizers…

Farmfest is a fun, FREE, community-building event that fosters knowledge of organic agriculture and sustainable living through educational opportunities, local foods, lively entertainment and interactive family activities.

FarmFest could use your help! Please sign up to volunteer to help August 1 and 2or send this link along to others who might be interested.

In addition to the working at the event on August 1 and 2, we also have several activities we could use your help with leading up to the event.

If you are not available this year, you can like us on Facebook or sign up for Farm Fest E-News so you don’t miss out next year!

And of course if you can’t volunteer or be a vendor we would still love to see you at FarmFest!  It is a lot of fun! Camp. Eat good food. Hear great music. See your friends!

Thanks so much for considering volunteering!

Vegetable Festable at the Boalsburg Farmers’ Market- July 15


The Boalsburg Farmers Market is sponsoring a Vegetable Festable on Tuesday, July 15th at the Boalsburg Farmers Market.

The event is designed to demonstrate how to use the fresh vegetables and fruits available at our local farmers markets and to inspire creative cooking at home.  Anne Quinn Corr, local food writer, cooking instructor and chef will lead a team of Penn State Nutrition students and counselors from the Cook Like a Chef cooking camp program to demonstrate what to do with the fresh fruits and vegetables that the market vendors have for sale.

Among other things on the menu are Carrot Mojito Salad, Zucchini Puttanesca, and Sugar Snap Pea Remoulade.  These will provide some out of the ordinary takes on common vegetables.  Ideas for more unusual vegetables like fennel and kohlrabi will also be discussed.

Everyone attending will receive a booklet with 15 recipes for fruits and vegetables that are sourced from the Cook Like a Chef cooking camp manual.  An additional handout of recipes prepared at the event will also be available.

The event will take place on Tuesday, July 15, from  2:00 to 5:00,  at the Boalsburg Farmers Market, which is located at the Pennsylvania Military Museum on Bus. Route 322 in Boalsburg.   As always, there is plenty of free parking available next to the market, musicians to entertain the shoppers, and tanks for kids to clamber on.


Apples, peaches, pumpkin pie?


Well, maybe not pumpkin pie, yet.  The good news is that yellow cling peaches and Lodi apples are in at Way Fruit Farm.  According to folks at Way…

 The first peaches of the season are ripe; sweet and juicy too! Yellow, cling peaches… are truly a sweet treat for eating or making a simple dessert. Stay tuned for “canning peaches” ….

Lodi apples available now!   Do you love sour apples?  Do you need to stock up on applesauce for the winter?  Then come on out and try our Lodi apples… They do not store for long, so get some soon!

For more informations, visit the Way Fruit Farm website or give them a call at 814-692-5211.